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Denise Bonnell

Before my first African Photo Safari, I was so wound up and excited, I could hardly contain myself. I was on my way to Africa and my first safari in  Kenya.   I  talked  nonstop on my flights to whomever would listen, about Africa.

Come to think of it, I still talk to whoever will listen, about Africa. My dream had come true. My adrenaline was pumping...big time... like the first time I flew an airplane by myself. As we gathered our luggage and headed out of the airport terminal in Nairobi, the first thing I noticed were all of the safari mini-vans and 4x4’s. Some were painted with leopard spots. Others were covered from top to bottom with zebra stripes. The smell of the wood smoke in the evening air was intoxicating. This was a new smell for me and I liked it! What I remember next were the sounds and smells that woke me the next morning. The birds outside my hotel room were exceptionally noisy and the air was thick with the fragrance of plumeria flowers. After  a  hot breakfast, we  hopped  into one of  those 4 x 4  safari vehicles I had seen at the airport the night before and headed to the Northern Province of Kenya.   Little did I know then how much that first day, and the weeks ahead, would change my life... forever.  Africa had taken its hold on me.  I was an easy target, though, for I was completely spellbound with the beauty, mystery, and adventure of one of the most beautiful places on earth. I would like you to experience what I did... So... 

"Come explore Africa with me!"

- Denise Bonnell


Although Denise Bonnell has traveled the world, her favorite destination is Africa... especially East and South Africa!  She knew with complete certainty during her first safari to Kenya in 1994 that she would return. And, lucky for her clients, she has... again and again. She has been taking groups to Africa for years and loves every second of sharing her knowledge and love for this very special place she calls her second home!  Originally inspired by the Academy Award winning movie "Out of Africa”, Denise says, “I  was awestruck by the beauty and adventure of Kenya, and I knew from that moment that I would visit Africa and see it for myself.”  Denise  was  also  challenged  by Beryl Markham’s book "West with the Night" which prompted her to learn to fly.

Since embarking on her first safari, Denise has become involved with several wildlife organizations. She has raised money for the  Jane Goodall Institute, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and the David  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She knows first hand how important it is to save wildlife and continues to do all she can to help numerous wildlife organizations.

Going on safari with Denise is an adventure you will never forget. She has personally selected every hotel, tented camp, and lodge on her itineraries and has planned every activity from the day the safari begins.  You can rest assured that all details will be taken care of and that your questions will be answered BEFORE you depart for Africa.  Through the years, Denise has made several friends in Africa who continue to make sure that her groups get the best care and attention they deserve.

So, come and explore Africa with Denise!  Your safari with Denise’s attention to detail will truly make your safari experience the best ever!



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